Steve Decker-Drums Chuck Hammer-Guitars and Textures Jamie Saft-Piano,B3,Rhodes Andy Hess-Bass on the "Path Heart Traverse" record.

Steve Decker-plays drums on the Marcus Blacke self titled record produced by Malcolm Burn

Steve Decker drums on Dustin Bookatz' EP

Steve Decker plays drums on A.J. Croix's "American Idols" record

Steve Decker is on Kevin Parent's record "Kanji" along with Tony Levin on bass and Produced by Malcolm Burn

Steve Decker plays drums on Evan Malach's record "When All Is One" record

Steve is on Dan Whitley's record "Calling all Gods"
produced by Malcolm Burn at La Maison Bleue Studio
Steve Decker on drums with Eric Steckel
Steve Decker, Chuck Hammer, Scot Hornick and Kendall Scott at AppleHead
Studios exploring real time composing,
sonic textures and improvised music.

Steve Decker in the studio with John Ginty at
Shark Tank Studios recording Cardon Raquet's
"where I belong" 

Steve is on The AJC Band's record "Off My Horse" (Americana/Southern
Rock/Rock and Roll) 

Steve Decker drums Dan DeChellis piano Scot Hornick bass on Dan's
release "Strength and Anger" Recorded at Jim McGees studio
Steve Decker is on drums with Billy Hector
Steve Decker on drums with The Scott Weis Band

Steve Decker on drums with Chuck Hammer guitar and Scot Hornick bass

Chuck Hammer is an American guitarist and Emmy nominated digital film composer, known for seminal guitar-synth with Lou ReedDavid Bowie, and Guitarchitecture

Chuck Hammer jamming at Terminal 5 NYC.
Chuck Hammer

Steve Decker is on guitarist Gary Reeds Folk Rock record "After Before"along with Bob Harris (gtr)(Vassar Clements), Todd Lanka (bass), Todd Collins (gtr mand.) and more

Steve Decker in Fat Rabbit Studios with Arne Englund (gtr) Dave Gross (gtr) Arthur Neilson (gtr) and Rob Fraser

Steve is on drums with Matt O'Ree -

Steve is on the WISER-TIME "Beggars and Thieves" record

Steve is on Mike Dugan's record "From the Rough"... "studio tracks".

Steve Decker is on drums with Todd Wolfe for select shows.

Steve Decker is on drums with guitarist JIMMY SOMMA along with Todd Lanka on bass.

Steve is on the WISER-TIME record "All For One"

CHECK out singer/sonwriter GWYN FARLEY debut cd "My Everything" with Steve Decker on drums: CLICK HERE.

Perception is Steve's own Jazz Compositions

Mailing List - Where, When and Who - Email Steve to get the lowdown

Steve is on guitarist/singer/songwriter Craig Maher's cd titled PROPEL

Steve can be heard playing drums on Vehicle's "Drunkin Drivin" and "the grease spot" CD's


Steve is on guitarist Glenn Snelwar's new record "At War With Self"

Steve is on guitarist James VonBulow's cd titled Von Garcia "I think a think"

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