"Steve Decker, is one of those drummers, like Jim Keltner, Levon Helm; that
understands, what it takes to deliver a song. His time is impeccable,
pocket and groove, deep, and, knows how important dynamics are to the
song. Great imagination for parts, is always on time.....plus he's a great
hang. I really enjoyed my time, working with him."

Benny Harrison

"Not only does Steve Decker lay down a great groove and is a pleasure to
work with, he has a collection of vintage drums that sound amazing."

Ben Elliot Showplace Studios

Tom Camuso

"Steve Decker is the most versatile drummer I've ever recorded, if there ever is a music business again, he'll be the first guy I call."

Stephen DeAcutis, Sound Spa Productions

Hired steve as a Drummer/producer/musician in 2010, and hired steve more than once

“Working with Steve is a joy. He will go to the ends of the earth in delivering

the exact vision that the artist or producer sets out to achieve. His goals are clearly set on serving the music and the song. Steve is capable of playing many style's of music from the sweetest jazz ballad to the earthiest of rock and roll. Steve will never make you feel like you need to be watching the clock and will consider any idea suggested with a smile. I highly recommend Steve for your next gig or recording session.

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Michael Czirjak, Managing Partner, Futures Group IT

“I have been writing, recording and gigging in some form or fashion with Steve since 1990. He has been a mentor, teacher and an inspiration to me. His sense of rhythm, his timing, his meter and his groove – un-matched. He has an inner ability to let grooves breathe like no drummer I’ve played with; and he honestly just continues to get better. Be it jazz, rock, funk, prog/fusion- you name it – he can play the hell out of them all. And don’t forget the writing and arranging - Be it guitar, bass, keys, vocal harmonies etc, he always adds huge ideas to the pool. If you’re looking for a pure, complete creative force you can stop searching now.”

Carmen Sclafani, Artist, Musician, Writer, Record Label, Wiser Time Music

“I've worked with Steve for several years both in a performing band and in the studio. His knowledge of music and his versatility to play any style makes him so easy to work and create with. Without question, Steve is one of the top guys on the scene”

Damon Trotta,  SluggosGoonMusic.com

Hired steve as a Musician/Drummer in 1996, and hired steve more than once

“Why hire Steve Decker? 2 words...Musical Drummer.

I've worked with Steve for almost 15 yrs now. We've recorded everywhere from kitchens to Grammy Award winning studios, played church basements and Festival, worked with Bernie Worrell and Issac Hayes. Steve can make parts you've imagined sing but more importantly he can sing you the parts you couldn't imagine. Steve is the drummer I goto when my life depends on it...and in fact, as an Emmy Award winning composer, producer, engineer...it does. Did i mention his drum selection?”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Todd Murphy,

hired steve as a Musician in 2005, and hired steve more than once

“Great drummer. Can play in any setting and can fit right in with the gig. Professional and creative.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

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